So...........EP no.2???

Over the last few weeks we have began working on our next EP which at the moment we haven't got a name for or any idea of a release date but we can reveal the songs that will be on it:

1. Pretty Girl in Red

2. Breakout

3. Throwaway

So far we have recorded Louis' drums (which sound fantastic) and Brad's Guitar on all the tracks and will be recording Josh and Tom within the next few weeks.

We're really excited about this next EP not only because it will be the first one we release with Josh playing but also it's our first release where we've all contributed to the song writing of the tracks on the EP. Pretty Girl in Red is a song written by Tom, Throwaway is written by Josh and Breakout is the first song the four of us wrote together. We honestly think this EP is our best work yet and really reflects how we've grown both as a band and musicians so we really look forward to you guys hearing it.

More details will follow shortly around release dates, the EP name and more in depth detail about the songs from the boys. But until then thanks for reading and we'll see you soon.

Much Love xx


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