Rendacium (Ren-Day-Sea-Um) are a pop-punk band hailing from East Midlands, UK. They are well-known for their energetic and fast-paced live performances where their sets have a punchy sound and direct attitude that makes their live shows captivating for the audience.


Passionate about performing live with original music that features distinctive and impactful songwriting. The band take inspiration off of punk legends Sex Pistols as well as pop-punkers McFly, YUNGBLUD and Green Day to mention but a few.


Rendacium takes punk back to its roots, with hard-hitting lyrics, a powerful guitar melody, and a massive drum sound - THIS IS ONE BAND NOT TO BE MISSED!


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// Lead Vocals and Guitar


As the frontman of Rendacium, Brad's confident personality combined with his passion for music gives the band a truly energetic and entertaining live performance.


Player Three

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// Drums


As the baby of the band, Louis is by no means lacking in talent. His powerful drumming mixed with his pop/rock influences gives the band it's drive and it's energy.



Growing up as a kid, lead singer and guitarist Brad Dawn had been introduced to pop-rock band McFly with their 2008 album Radio:ACTIVE. His love for the album prompted him and his brother, Louis, to see McFly live on their Radio:Active tour. The pair of them were totally in awe of the show and as a result starting a rock band became a burning desire of both the young boys.

The band began in the spring of 2016 at a local state school with approximately 1500 students, of which were only a handful of musicians. Despite the limited number of musicians, the original line up had been formed as a three-piece. The original members; Brad Dawn on vocals and rhythm guitar and Ryan Bird on lead guitar had met in a maths class on 12th May 2016 and soon connected over their mutual love of bands such as Green Day, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. The two teenagers were soon eager to get the ball rolling with starting a band but realised they were in need of a drummer and Brad’s brother Louis became the natural choice to fill the void. The only thing left to do was to establish a name for the band.

After much discussion the lads agreed that it was clear, the name was something that needed to be unique, captivating and edgy and after weeks of searching for the right name Brad stumbled across the Latin word ‘Mendacium’ which translated to the English word lies. After taking the name to Ryan and Louis it was decided that despite the alluring nature of the word they didn’t want to be associated with lies and instead Brad changed the word to Rendacium which was not only their new band name but also their own word. 

Rendacium then began to do various gigs in the local area which included headlining the Red Lion in Repton and performing two nights at the Melbourne Minxes National Rugby Festival in late April 2017.

Their first performance without Ryan was on July 6th 2017 at the Ashby school Nepal fundraiser where the band played a five-song set. For the next two years Rendacium powered forward, going from strength to strength; Performing numerous live gigs at the likes of the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster and The Eyes Have it Music festival (headlined by Showaddywaddy, Hazel O'Connor and From the Jam), as well as writing, producing and releasing their own debut EP ‘I Just Can’t Wait’ and latest single ‘Stef’ which made an appearance on the Spire Radio’s broadcast show a week after the song's release.  

In 2019 the band and had a very productive year with some highlights; playing three times at London's iconic music venue the Dublin Castle in Camden town, recording six original demos ready for release across streaming platforms in 2020 and playing derby's prestigious music venue 'the flowerpot'.

The band in 2020 continue as a three-piece with Brad, and Louis. with their imminent EP of 'Rough Demos' on the way and a return visit to the Eyes have it music festival in the summer they hope to have an even more successful 2020. 


Eyes Have It Music Festival: A delight to work with, were very professional and their set was excellent. There was plenty of positive feedback from the audience and I would have no hesitation in booking them again, in fact, I hope they will be available for next year’s festival. 

Moonshine Magazine: I had really been looking forward to seeing the next band, Rendacium, with whom I’d been very impressed by at the wonderfully named Kevfest at The Horse & Groom back in April and festival organizer Simon Clark had also been impressed and on my recommendation had booked the band. The band played a varied and very energetic set starting with a song they’d written themselves called ‘Paperheart’ taken from their EP and their own unreleased material as well as some great covers such as Green Day and The Arctic Monkeys with a maturity beyond their years. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rendacium goes onto bigger things in the future.


Spire Radio:  I’ve listened to their track [Stef] a few times since they were kind enough to share it with me and it’s so good, the production value on this track is insane!! It’s just so good, these guys clearly have a proper ear for music and I know that they will be going places.

Louder than war magazine: With so much talent at such a young age, Rendacium has a very bright future indeed. Following the ending of lockdown I will be rooting them out to see live – and so should you!

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